About “Zenryomaru”

“Master Simplicity”

We don’t add any special ingredients.  The natural ingredients in our organic vegetables and fresh seafood, is about as good as it gets.


It’s nothing fancy here but Zenryomaru is the place to experience and enjoy the genuine taste of Kitaura’s natural blessings.   For example, raw fish “sashimi” starts from the time the fisherman catches the fish.  To guarantee freshness and optimal flavor, everything is carefully timed and prepared up until your reservation.  Careful management of temperature by using ice, etc. is a part of this long and complex process that involves many steps we often don’t see or know about.


Besides all the ingredients, the cooking starts from a very early stage.  Everything in their best state is the essence of Zenryomaru’s cuisine.


In conclusion , I’d like to sincerely thank all my seniors for their continuing guidance and support, my father for teaching me how to fish and cook, my mother for teaching me the true taste of nature, and my hometown for the abundance in nature, which is the core of my cooking philosophy.




日本料理 きたうら善漁。

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